Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hw Assignment 14

In John C. Abell's Teens Love Aggregation and 'Free', Newspaper Study Finds article on, we "find" that internet era teens like things free, short, and simple.  They enjoy things like visual hierarchy, eye-friendly page layouts, easy usability, non-clutter, short summaries, and categories.   They view news as a commodity and are indifferent to news brands.

I'm not quite sure how this information would be a surprise to anyone.  Other than teens viewing news as something that can be found anywhere, all the other features mentioned in the previous paragraph, are things that everyone is generally interested in.  People like not having to scroll forever in hopes of finding something  of importance amongst a cluttered stream of screaming ads and tables.  Since many of us (in class) have either built, will build, or work for someone building a site or page, these may be things we might want to keep in mind.

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