Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hw Assignment 10

CUNY’s "Security Awareness Training" gives a breakdown of the dangers facing your computer and personal information on the Internet. It also gives commonsense tips on the measures that can be taken to protect such data. These run the gamut of everything from filtering spam to spyware blockers. At the end you are given a quiz to test your knowledge. There are also glossary and resource links that could prove useful.

I feel that this is a possible asset to everyone, even if you already know the information that is being provided. Unfortunately, a lot of other students do not know the ramifications of clicking on spam links and we (just as much as them) have to live with possibly infected lab computers and the like. Also, I think this inadvertently brings up an unethical data and market research collecting issue. Companies we may or may not work for in the future could in fact be using these methods to target consumers. It could prove helpful to start thinking of other alternatives now.

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