Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hw assignment 3

Motoko Rich’s The Future of Reading: In Web Age, Library Job Gets Update follows a school librarian (a dying breed) as she updates her library and reaches out to students and teachers alike in hopes of keeping their interest in reading and enabling their ability to check the sources of information found on the internet.

“Soon Ms. Rosalia progressed to teaching students how to ask more sophisticated questions during research projects, how to decode Internet addresses and how to assess the authors and biases of a Web site’s content... ‘We are teaching them how to think. But sometimes the Board of Ed seems to want them to learn how to fill in little bubbles.’”

I think that this article is important because usually when checking the Internet for information, we tend to just look through “credible sources” without thinking about what criteria their credibility is being judged. If we are going to be posting information up we should not only be thinking of whether it is correct or not, but also see if it is biased or spun. The other thing gathered from this article is knowing that a librarian is a great updated resource we often forget about.

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